Best family-friendly Las Vegas Strip hotels

Las Vegas is often described as Disney World for adults. It’s not known as a family destination, but there are hotels that give a genuine option for parents.

The pandemic has actually resulted in a rise in families visiting Las Vegas. Many American families who would usually look abroad for their family vacations are looking domestically instead.

That has made some of the hotels re-think their family appeal, and there are definitely hotels that are well-suited to offer it.

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Circus Circus

Of all of the major hotels in Las Vegas, there is only really one that is deliberately set up to attract families.

Circus Circus has been on the Strip for decades now, although it did not originally have a hotel attached.

There are drawbacks with staying at Circus Circus. Firstly, the hotel will put you a long way from the centre-Strip action. Of course, that is likely to be part of the appeal for parents.

Circus Circus is definitely low-end in terms of quality too, especially by Las Vegas Strip standards.

However, if you are wanting to entertain children in Las Vegas, Circus Circus is unrivalled. It has it’s own indoor theme park in Adventuredome, for a start. The pool is also a mini water park too. Usually in Las Vegas, pools are shallow and there for drinking and relaxing more than actual swimming.

There are also the free circus shows throughout the day, arcades and carnival games.

All I would say about Circus Circus is that the balance may be a little too skewered towards entertaining kids. For adults, there isn’t really all that much to do.

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New York-New York

For my money, New York-New York is the best-looking hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. In fact, it was the property that made me instantly fall in love with Las Vegas.

One of the most striking things about the look of the hotel is the Big Apple roller coaster that loops around the exterior and, at one point, even speeds through the casino.

New York-New York Las Vegas Hotel review - The best looking of all the Las Vegas hotels?

That is obviously popular with children, although be aware that there is a 54-inch height requirement. That is around four and a half feet.

The real attraction aimed at children at New York-New York, though, is the Big Apple Arcade.

It is a traditional arcade with video games, skee-ball, air hockey and more. You can simply buy credits at a rate of $1/10 credits. There are also package deals with roller coaster tickets and food/drink included too. I have detailed them below.

Central Park Pack $49

One Coaster ticket, 100 Arcade credits, 100 redemption points, surprise plush and free hot dog with any beverage purchase at Nathan’s

Manhattan Pack $79

Two Coaster tickets, 200 Arcade credits, 200 redemption points, two Coaster & Arcade t-shirts and two free hot dogs with purchase of two beverages from Nathan’s

The Big Apple Pack $149

Four Coaster tickets, 400 Arcade credits, 400 redemption points, four Coaster & Arcade t-shirts, large plush and four free hot dogs with purchase of four beverages

New York-New York is more of a hotel for adults that looks to accommodate and entertain children than a family hotel. However, with Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay close by too, it’s definitely family friendly.

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Excalibur Las Vegas - among best budget hotels on the Strip and very family friendly

If there is one hotel in Las Vegas that looks like it’s made for children, then it is Excalibur. It has a medieval theme, but it looks like a castle right out of a fairytale. Put it this way, even here in England, castles don’t have red and blue roofs.

The place looks like something plucked right out of a Disney movie or Disney World. At one time there was a free show including an animatronic dragon and Merlin, but that is sadly long gone.

What has remained is the theming, and it runs through the interior too, although there is not really anything specifically child friendly.

Perhaps the only exception to that is the Tournament of Kings. That is a definite family friendly show with knights fighting it out in an arena while you dine.

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Treasure Island

Treasure Island Las Vegas exterior - One of the most family friendly properties on the Strip

Everything I have just said about Excalibur probably applies to Treasure Island as well.

At one time, Treasure Island had one of the truly legendary free attractions in Las Vegas. Pirate ships would fight it out with cannons at the front of the property.

Sadly, the show no longer runs. However, the ships are still there and the theming remains.

Still, the theming remains a big hit with children, and it always will. There is a Caribbean pirate village outside and young eyes light up when they see it. It’s definitely a special and memorable place for children to stay and see every day.

Treasure Island does house one of the best family-friendly attractions in Las Vegas, though. Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N. brings the hit movies to life and is an incredibly interactive experience.

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Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay pool - makes it one of the most family friendly Strip hotels

For a lot of parents, keeping children away from the sights and scenes of the Las Vegas Strip is important. That is part of why Circus Circus does such a good job in attracting families.

Mandalay Bay can offer that too. In fact, if pushed, I’d struggle to name a better family friendly hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

The resort has what many, indeed most, consider the best pool in Las Vegas. It is not a water park like Circus Circus, but it is superb. There are wave machines and an imported beach. It’s the kind of pool that children can play in and parents can lounge beside.

Mandalay Bay also has the Shark Reef attraction, which appeals to all ages. It is essentially an on-sight aquarium with sharks, stingrays, turtles and other aquatic creatures.

Kids excel at getting bored, especially on meticulously-planned expensive family holidays. However, if Mandalay Bay loses their interest, then Luxor is just next door.

Luxor has an ancient Egyptian theme and appeals to visitors of all ages. Excalibur, meanwhile, with its medieval castle theming, is close by too. Both can be walked to from Mandalay Bay through internal walkways, and all three are connected by a free tram too.

New York-New York and its rollercoaster and arcade is close by as well.

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Michael Graham
Michael Graham
Michael Graham is a journalist with more than a decade of industry experience. He has a love for all things Las Vegas.

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