LAS VEGAS HOTELS: Binion’s review

Binion’s is one of the oldest Las Vegas hotels and casino and it is also one of the most recognisable of the Downtown properties.

Binion’s openly celebrates its heritage and has positioned itself as a ‘vintage’ Las Vegas destination, and it has some brilliant neon to match that image.

It is also located right at the heart of the Fremont Street Experience, so guests can expect to be right at the heart of the action.

Binion’s overview

Location: Downtown

Opened: August 1951

Last renovated: 2019

Number of rooms: 366

Gaming space: 77,800 sq. ft

Operator: TLC Casino Enterprises

Permanent shows: None

Nearby attractions: Fremont Street Experience

Price guide: $$


If you stay at Binion’s you really will find yourself fully immersed in the exceptional Fremont Street experience.

The casino, or ‘Gambling Hall’ as they like to call it to align with their vintage Las Vegas theming, has direct access to the lively centre of Downtown and it benefits from the great atmosphere.

Like all the Downtown properties, though, Binion’s is a long way from the Strip itself.

Getting around

If you are staying at Binion’s you have easy access to everything that Downtown Las Vegas has to offer.

The Freemont Street Experience is literally on the doorstep, and right in the middle of it. El Cortez, Downtown Grand, Main Street Station and the California are all within a five-minute walk away too.

That five-minute radius also has attractions like the Mob Museum and the Container Park within it too.

As ever, the only real thing to ever consider when it comes to the Downtown hotels is that the Las Vegas Strip is not within walkable distance. It is, though, easy enough to access using the Deuce Bus or taxis.

Binion’s Rooms and Amenities

Binion’s Hotel was recently renovated and reopened as the Hotel Apache, and that has been a big improvement in its quality.

Binion's room Apache Las Vegas hotels

The rooms are a decent size and are decorated with rustic wild west theme. Suites are available too and offer a decent upgrade option.

One thing to consider, though, is that the owners claim that the Hotel Apache is a hive of paranormal activity and is haunted by several ghosts. It’s hard to know whether that is just a big of marketing or not, though.

Binion’s is not replete with amenities, although it does have a rooftop pool and a decent casino.

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The lack of amenities does come with a plus side though, that being the lack of resort fees.

Food and Drink

One thing that Binion’s does extremely well is the food and drink options. The Top of Binion’s Steakhouse offers quality dining with excellent views of Downtown. It can be pricey, especially for Downtown, but it’s a bargain compared to most equivalent Strip steakhouses.

The real jewel in the Binion’s crown, though, is Whiskey Licker Up. It’s a bar and casual dining restaurant – or saloon as they call it – and it is, without exception, my favourite place to drink in Downtown Las Vegas.

It is situated on the first floor and directly overlooks Fremont Street Experience and one of the free entertainment stages. What is more, the bar section of it rotates, meaning you are always seeing something new. It is a prime people watching spot that sells good quality draft beers and cocktails.

Shows and Attractions

Downtown, generally, is not the place to be if you are looking for Las Vegas shows. There are a few dotted about, but they are not headliners by any stretch of the imagination.

Binion’s doesn’t have a permanent show of its own, but sister property Four Queens does in the form of Hypnosis Unleashed by Kevin Lepine. I have not seen it, but if it’s your kind of thing then check it out.

Four Queens also has Mike Hammer and his comedy magic show.

The real attraction at Binion’s, though, is the Fremont Street Experience and it is one of the very best that Las Vegas has to offer.

Binion’s Pool

Binion's pool Las Vegas hotels

Not all hotels in Downtown Las Vegas have a pool, but Binion’s is one that does.

It is situated on the roof and has great views. However, it is not particularly big, spectacular or busy.

One thing that does set it apart from many others, though, is that it is a deep pool. The water depth reaches 8 feet, so you can actually swim in it rather than simply lay around and relax in it unlike the pools at many other Las Vegas hotels.


Binion’s is a fun place to be in Las Vegas. The selling point, though, will always be the absolutely brilliant location.

Pros: The location places you right at the heart of the fun of the Fremont Street Experience and there are no resorts fees.

Cons: There are no real amenities of note and it’s far from the kind of mega-resorts you will experience on the Las Vegas Strip.

Michael Graham
Michael Graham
Michael Graham is a journalist with more than a decade of industry experience. He has a love for all things Las Vegas.

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