Las Vegas news: Seven memorable moments from the Las Vegas Grand Prix

Formula 1 moving to Las Vegas was a significant moment for racing, seeing the Grand Prix return for the first time since 1982. 

Max Verstappen took victory in Las Vegas for his Red Bull team, in an extremely exciting race. 

The track layout itself provides drivers with numerous amounts of opportunity to overtake. The circuit runs anticlockwise, featuring 17 corners and a 1.92km straight which makes the track one of the fastest on the F1 calendar. 

With average speeds set to be comparable to Italy’s Autodromo Monza, here are seven memorable moments from the Las Vegas Grand Prix in its various formats down the years…

Championship Showdown 1982

Before its famous return in 2023, Vegas held numerous races in Formula 1. The Caesars Palace Grand Prix was famously a track that was ridiculed in its time. 

The ‘NASCAR’-type circuit was the final race in the 1982 season. 

During its final season it famously saw the title-deciding showdown of 1982, where Keke Rosberg clinched fifth place and was named champion of the world. 

Unconventional Circuit

The Caesars Palace Grand Prix in Las Vegas was held in 1981 and 82. The circuit was nicknamed “parking lot” and was famously known for its very unconventional layout and challenging conditions. 

The circuit had incredibly tight corners and a twisty nature. The Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2023 resembles the same controversy that lived in 1982, with the unconventional layout leaving teams and drivers unaware of possible strategy. 

Viva Las Vegas

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen sang “Viva Las Vegas” after clinching victory in the 2023 Grand Prix – the race that saw him seal an 18th victory of the season which was a record-breaking achievement. This accomplishment meant he joined Sebastian Vettel in third place on Formula One’s all-time winners list. 

The city that never sleeps

Whilst Formula 1 itself is an extremely-watched sport around the world, many fans have asked the question if Formula 1 in Las Vegas is sustainable. 

The United States has commonly held a strong place in the history of Formula 1, so Las Vegas 2023 seemed to be a step in the right direction. 

F1 executives say the Las Vegas Grand Prix was their most-watched race of the season, hitting 2.7 billion views worldwide. 

Down the drain?

A negative narrative leading into the Las Vegas Grand Prix was conducted by locals within the area. 

The disruption caused by the Herculean construction effort had many unhappy. It didn’t take long for controversy to arise as within eight minutes of the very first practice session, Carlos Sainz pulled over to the side of the track in his Ferrari, bringing out a Red Flag. 

The Spanish driver had hit a loose drain cover, meaning the session was cancelled, resulting in £1.5million in damage to his car. This meant FP2 would resume at 4am, turning the race schedule into a disaster.

Capital of Overtaking

Formula 1 fans across the world could argue about anything. The one thing all fans can share is a passion for racing. 

Overtaking is a fundamental aspect of the sport and has been extremely questioned due to the car dynamics.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix in 2023 provided fans with 99 overtakes which was the most we have seen in a dry race since China in 2016. Overtaking is what makes Formula 1 tick and Las Vegas allowed racing to hit the heights we expect. 

Here to stay

If you enjoyed Las Vegas in 2023 you will be happy to hear that Formula 1 have committed to a 10-year multiyear plan. This means Las Vegas will be the home to Formula 1 for the next decade. 

Las Vegas being the third race in the calendar to be hosted in the United States shows F1 fans that American races are here to stay. 


Overall, the excitement and thrill from the Las Vegas Grand Prix has proven to many fans around the world that F1 should stay in Sin City. 

Good racing mixed with Vegas choreography was a recipe made for the world to see. 

Las Vegas will strive to be the home for Formula 1 and it is only just getting started.

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Samy Aouati
Samy Aouati
Samy Aouati is a 1st year multi media sports journalism student at UCFB London. He is a Manchester United fan who also follows Formula One, with Lewis Hamilton being his favourite driver.

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