New ultraluxury Las Vegas Strip resort planned with NBA in mind

Ambitious plans have been announced to build what would be the Strip’s first ever seven-star resort in a move which also hopes to bring NBA basketball to Las Vegas.

The resort would be built at the north end of the Strip on the 27-acre site that was earmarked for the now nixed All Net Arena, the former location of the Wet ‘n Wild waterpark.

Wet ‘n Wild closed in 2004 after 20 years operating on the land, and little has been done with the plot since. While its future remains uncertain, Las Vegas development company LVXP have come forward with a proposal for a 2,500-room ‘ultraluxury resort’ complete with an NBA-ready arena.

“We are the antithesis of the previous project (the failed All net Arena),” LVXP CEO James Frasure told the Las Vegas Review Journal.

“We are pulling together the best talent in the valley to make this a success quickly and impactful for the whole valley.”

The resort would be the tallest in Vegas, trumping would-be neighbours Resorts World and Fontainbleau, although certain Aviation Administration approvals would be required due to a construction limit of 1,200 feet being in force since 2008.

Should they be able to overcome those challenges, though, the regeneration of the north end of the Strip would gather at pace. As well as the 20,000-seater Arena, the as-yet unnamed resort would offer a casino, state of the art technology, convention space, retail outlets and an underground parking lot.

Although major new construction projects in Las Vegas are notoriously difficult to get off the ground, LVXP have already teamed up with local company Steelman Partners. Steelman have a fine reputation having designed Circa, Resorts World, and several other casino resorts all over the world.

All Net Arena Plans - Las Vegas
Renderings of the now failed Las Vegas All Net Arena

“As we begin shaping the next chapter of Las Vegas, I’m thrilled to lead the design for LVXP, a pioneering venture merging cutting-edge artificial intelligence with personalized guest experiences,” Paul Steelman, CEO of Steelman Partners, said.

“Collaborating with the LVXP team energizes my creative spirit, as together, we strive to craft a landmark that not only redefines the city’s skyline but also pays homage to its architectural legacy.

“With every detail, we aim to transcend boundaries and immerse guests in a tailored reality, setting a new standard for hospitality and entertainment in Las Vegas.”

Permit requests are expected to be submitted to Clark County within the next couple of months in the hope of being able to break ground around the turn of the year.


Michael Graham
Michael Graham
Michael Graham is a journalist with more than a decade of industry experience. He has a love for all things Las Vegas.

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