LAS VEGAS HOTELS: Golden Nugget review

The Golden Nugget is one of the most storied of all the Las Vegas hotels and the biggest in the brilliant Downtown area of the city.

It is also one of the oldest hotels and casinos in Las Vegas, and it played a pivotal role in the development of the mega-resorts on the Strip.

The Golden Nugget was the first property owned by Steve Wynn, who later took what he learned from it and built The Mirage to usher in the era of the mega-resort.

Golden Nugget overview

Location: Downtown

Opened: August 1946

Last renovated: 2021

Number of rooms: 2,419

Gaming space: 38,000 sq. ft

Operator: Landry’s

Permanent shows: None

Attractions: Fremont Street Experience, Hand of Faith, Shark Tank

Price guide: $$$


Golden Nugget is one of the iconic ‘Four Corners’ Las Vegas Hotels that stand at the intersection of Casino Center Boulevard and Fremont Street.

Golden Nugget Binion's Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas cropped

Four Queens, Binion’s and Fremont are the other three, and together they – and their vintage neon – combine to produce one of the most photographed spots in one of the most photographed cities in the world.

Golden Nugget stands on the exceptional Fremont Street Experience, opposite Binion’s on the western side of the intersection.

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Getting around

It is a brilliant spot from which to explore, with everything you will likely want to see Downtown within a five-to-ten-minute walk.

All of Downtown is set up around the Fremont Street Experience and Golden Nugget is pretty much bang in the middle of it. You couldn’t ask for a better position, really.

It’s obviously a bit tougher to get to the Las Vegas Strip from the Golden Nugget, but a short taxi ride will get you there. The Deuce Bus will too, and more cheaply, but it takes a little longer.

Golden Nugget Rooms and Amenities

Golden Nugget room Las Vegas hotels

The Golden Nugget has four towers, making it the biggest hotel Downtown. The entry level rooms are generally located in the Carson Tower. They are a decent size at around 350 sq. ft and were recently renovated (2018).

The Gold Tower houses the premium rooms. They are slightly bigger and have the added advantage of being closer to the casino floor to make getting around easier.

If you are lucky enough to get a suite, then it will be the Rush Tower for you. The suites there are very large at just shy of 800 sq. ft. There are some in the Gold Tower too, and the really fancy places are located in the Spa Tower.

The amenities are exceptional too, especially for Downtown. Golden Nugget has one of the best and most unique pools of all the Las Vegas hotels, as well as a spa, a salon and a fitness centre.

There is obviously a casino too, and it is a decent size without being overwhelming. You can read more about it in our separate casino guide.

Food and Drink

Golden Nugget’s size means it is replete with dining options too. Vic and Anthony’s and Saltgrass Steak House provide two really good fine-dining options that fit right in with the vintage Vegas feel of the place.

There is also an Italian, Mexican and Asian option. If seafood is your thing then you will want to check out Chart House, too.

Golden Nugget also has a number of quick and cheap eats, including Starbucks.

If you want some great nightlife then Golden Nugget is also the home of the top nightclub on Fremont Street. Troy Liquor Bar on the second floor is an ‘out-out’ kind of place with a strict dress code, but the balcony overlooking the Fremont Street Experience makes it one of the very best spots from which to watch and enjoy the action.

There are also a number of other lounges too, and a bar attached to the sportsbook so you can enjoy a drink while watching the game. In addition, Bar 46 and Stage Bar are outside the property within the Fremont Street Experience itself.

Shows and Attractions

Golden Nugget has some great facilities for shows. However, rather than going down the permanent residency route they put on a calendar of events instead. Keep an eye on their schedule if you like some truly classic bands.

The Fremont Street Experience is the top attraction at Golden Nugget, just like it is for all the properties Downtown.

However, it also has a trick up its own sleeve in the form of the biggest golden nugget in existence. Named the ‘Hand of Faith,’ it is 61lbs in weight and it was discovered by a man with a metal detector in Australia. There is hope for us all!

Golden Nugget Pool

Golden Nugget Pool Las Vegas

Golden Nugget has one of the very best and most unique pools in Las Vegas.

There is an actual shark tank adjacent to it which can make for some spectacular photographs. Not only that, but there is also a slide that takes you directly through the tank.

Downtown is not known for its great pools, and Golden Nugget’s is not especially large in truth. However, it is definitely a spectacle and far, far better than most in this part of Las Vegas.


Golden Nugget is one of the most authentic Las Vegas hotels. In places it even has Strip resort scale and feel without losing any of its vintage Vegas charm. Above all, it’s a Downtown giant and a must-visit for anyone who wants a true taste of what Las Vegas is.

Pros: Brilliant pool, quality rooms, great location and loads of character.

Cons: I’m struggling to think of any really.  It’s one of the most charming properties in Las Vegas.

Michael Graham
Michael Graham
Michael Graham is a journalist with more than a decade of industry experience. He has a love for all things Las Vegas.

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