LAS VEGAS GAMBLING: Harrah’s casino guide

With so much choice in the Las Vegas gambling scene, where you choose to spend your dollars can be a difficult decision. Big or small, classic or modern, loud or quiet, you are spoilt for choice when choosing a casino. Let’s take a look at what Harrah’s casino has to offer. 

Harrah’s casino isn’t really one of the top names you think of when you think of Las Vegas gambling. However, the resort has been present on the Strip in one form or another since the 1970’s.

Although not a big-hitter name wise, Harrah’s casino is perfectly located at the centre of the Strip. Directly opposite Caesars Palace and Mirage and next door to LINQ, Harrah’s is a hive of activity.

Great positioning is not the only benefit to Las Vegas gambling at Harrah’s casino though. If you want to take a break from the slots or tables for a while, there is entertainment aplenty. So it’s really easy to supplement your casino experience with more fun at Harrah’s.

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Harrah’s Casino overview

Total gaming space: 90,637 sq. ft

Rewards program: Caesars Rewards

Number of Slot and video poker machines:  1200+

High Limit slots room: No

Table games: Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Poker

Poker Room: Yes

Sports book: Caesars Sportsbook

Smoking: Yes

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Harrah’s casino is not the biggest casino floor on the Strip, but its by no means the smallest either. Similar in size to New York-New York, Harrah’s offers a fantastic selection of both slot and table games.

Although it has a loose Mardi-Gras theme, this isn’t obvious. Indeed, I would be surprised if you can see any evidence of this anywhere inside the casino. If you are looking for a show-shopping themed casino for Las Vegas gambling then Harrah’s isn’t it.

Harrah's Las Vegas Hotels

However, if you’re looking for a bright, fun-filled, manageable, affordable casino that’s just a good all-rounder then you’re in the right place.

Due to the close proximity to its neighbouring resorts, Harrah’s casino is great for a casino crawl. You can easily pop to LINQ, then on to Flamingo on one side or Venetian isn’t too far in the other direction.

Gambling in Harrah’s casino

Harrah’s has a good number of slots for its size. With over 1200 machines you will always find something you want to play.

This can make it a bit tight space-wise sometimes, especially when the slots are in rows. But it’s not uncomfortable to play by any means so this shouldn’t put you off.

Harrah’s casino offers all the usual range of table games including Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Craps. There are also lots of different variations of Poker available too.

With 80 table games in total, you can usually find a space without a problem. And the table minimums can be really reasonable too.

Harrah’s is one of the few casinos left that offers Triple Attack Blackjack with limits starting as low as $5. This is quite rare now on the Las Vegas gambling scene.

You can also find Keno action daily in the Keno lounge and parlor at Harrah’s Las Vegas casino.

Harrah’s casino all has a designated Poker room which has four daily Texas Hold’em tournaments.

Sportsbook and drinks service

As with all Las Vegas gambling, a complimentary drinks service is available to anyone who is gambling. I’ve always found Harrah’s casino to be fairly good with a regular waitress service. My drink of choice here is the Pina Colada. Try it – it won’t disappoint.

If sports is where you prefer to get your Las Vegas gambling fix, then Harrah’s has a small but comfortable Sports book with 30 plus screens to relax and watch the game.

Rewards club

The casino is part of Caesars Rewards, which is one of the very best in Las Vegas.

Harrah’s is right at the heart of the Caesars Part of the Las Vegas Strip. That makes it very easy to progress through the tiers if that is your goal.

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Lynsey Thompson
Lynsey Thompson
Lynsey Thompson is a UK journalist with a passion for all things Las Vegas and one half of the popular Las Vegas YouTube channel and Podcast Begas Vaby. A regular visitor to Las Vegas for the past decade, Lynsey has written gambling and iGaming content professionally for a number of years, as well as gambling news content.

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