Aria is one of the most modern of the Las Vegas Hotels and visually incredibly striking, and it also benefits from a nice spot towards the centre of the Strip.

It is also one of the biggest resorts that Vegas has to offer, and that makes Aria a tough one to get your head around, especially for first-time Vegas visitors.

Once you find your bearings, though, there is an awful lot to like about Aria, but a couple of compromises to make too and questions remain over whether it can still justify its high-end price point.

Aria overview

Location: Strip (South-Centre)

Opened: December 2009

Number of rooms: 4,004

Gaming space: 150,000 sq. ft

Operator: MGM Resorts International

Permanent shows: None

Signature attractions: None

Known for: Striking looks and ultra-modernity.

Price guide: $$$$$


The location of the Aria is, at first glance very strong, although it does come with a compromise.

It situated at the south of the central part of the Las Vegas strip between Park MGM, Vdara and Cosmopolitan. That is a strong location as it grants easy access to both the centre Strip area and the properties to the south.

The only real problem is that Aria is set back quite a distance from the Strip itself, meaning the walk from your room to the action can take a while. Guests will either have to make their way through Park MGM to head south or through the Shops at Crystals to get to centre Strip.

It’s not a major problem at all, and actually it makes for a quieter stay especially on weekends, but it’s definitely a compromise of which guests should be aware.

Getting around

Whilst it can take you a little while to reach the Strip compared to other hotels, it does have good access once you get there.

Once you get through the Shops at Crystals, which is a small high-end shopping mall, you are right in the middle of the Strip with Cosmopolitan to the right and Planet Hollywood across the road. Both are connected by pedestrian bridges.

From either, it’s very easy to make your way north up the Strip. There is also a free tram from Aria to Bellagio.

Aria Rooms and Amenities

Aria room Las Vegas hotel

A large part of the Aria price point is the spacious rooms and the state-of-the-art technology that comes with them.

The most basic room has a whopping 550 sq. ft of space and benefits from floor-to-ceiling windows.

Everything in the room is controlled by an iPad inside the room, from which you are able to open and close the curtains, adjust your lighting, order room service and more. In fact, the room is so smart that as soon as you walk into it the curtains open.

The suites, should you be lucky enough to get one, are double the size and even more spectacular.

Aria is well-served in terms of amenities as well. It has two spas, a large pool complex, a fitness centre, high end shopping. The whole property is basically an art gallery at the same time, too.

The casino is also one of the biggest in Vegas too. Be sure to read more about that in our separate casino guide.

Food and Drink

One area in which Aria genuinely shines is in its dining options. In that regard, it may actually be the very best of all the Las Vegas Hotels.

Named chef restaurants are a plenty here, with a Jean-Georges Vongerichten steakhouse, a Mario Carbone concept Italian menu, French cuisine from Michael Mina and Tapas courtesy of Julien Serrano.

That is only the tip of the iceberg, though, and lovers of Asian food are going to love Aria. Lemongrass is exceptional for Thai food, Blossom delivers a Chinese menu, and Din Tai Fung specialises in steamed dumplings and noodle dishes. There is also an Asian seafood restaurant called CATCH.

If you want something a little simpler, there is Posh Burger and Moneyline Pizza. And all that is in addition to countless smaller food counters and patisseries.

Aria is a nightlife hotspot too. The JEWEL Nightclub particularly well-regarded, and there are a number of other bars and lounges dotted around the property.

Shows and Attractions

Aria does many things well but shows and attractions are not one of them.

That hasn’t always been the case, with stars such as Janet Jackson having residencies in the past. For now, though, they are either in something of a lull when it comes to shows and attractions. Either that or they have made the deliberate decision to move away from them.

It may well just be a case that the great Aria nightlife and dining is the attraction. If so then it is certainly worthy of the billing.

Aria Pool

Aria pool Las Vegas Hotels

Aria’s pool complex is one of the biggest in Las Vegas and they have nailed the palm tree paradise feel.

There are three different pools, all close to each other and space is not much of a problem except in the height of pool season.

The usual poolside amenities such as a bar and cabanas to hire are also here.

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Once upon a time, and not all that long ago, Aria was the place to be in Las Vegas, although it has slipped from that standing a little of late.

It is still an incredible property, particularly for those who love to eat out and some nightlife, but it’s probably not quite what it once was.

Pros: Great location if you don’t mind a little walking, arguably the best food options in Vegas and a great nightclub.

Cons: If you go to Vegas for entertainment, then Aria probably isn’t the best base for you. It’s a high-end property in terms of cost, and a quality one, but rivals within that cost-bracket do offer more.

Considerations: Since the Covid pandemic there have been reports from some guests that the maintenance standards at Aria are slipping a little due to staff shortages. Those reports are tough to corroborate, but it’s something to bear in mind.

Michael Graham
Michael Graham
Michael Graham is a journalist with more than a decade of industry experience. He has a love for all things Las Vegas.

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