Las Vegas to host Copa America games at the Allegiant stadium

Las Vegas will play hosts for the Copa America this summer – only the second time in the history of the tournament where the United States will host the South American showpiece. 

Who will be playing in Sin City? 

Las Vegas will host three games: Brazil vs Paraguay, Ecuador vs Jamaica and then the quarter-finals of the tournament.

Despite not knowing who will be in the quarter-finals, there are already some big names to be making an appearance in Las Vegas such as Vinicius Junior, Rodrygo and Brazilian youngster Endrick if he makes the squad.

Where and when will the games be played? 

All three of the games will be played at the Allegiant stadium and the first match to be played there will be Ecuador vs Jamaica on June 26.

On June 28, Brazil vs Paraguay will take place and then the quarter-finals will be staged on July 6.

The semi-finals are being hosted in East Rutherford, New Jersey and Charlotte and then the final will take place in Miami Gardens, Florida.

Who are the favourites for the tournament? 

Las Vegas is actually getting to host one of the favourites for the Copa America, when Brazil bring their exciting young squad to town.

However the outright favourites for the tournament are Argentina due to their experienced squad with the likes of Lionel Messi, Emiliano Martinez and Angel Di Maria.

Argentina won the World Cup in 2022 and also won the last Copa America after beating Brazil in the final.

Despite these two teams being the two heavy favourites for the tournament there is also plenty of other quality within other teams such as Uruguay, Columbia and the United States.

What is the Copa America?

The Copa America stands as a pinnacle of men’s soccer in South America, revered for its rich history and competitive spirit. 

Organized by the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL), this tournament brings together national teams from across the continent, along with invited nations from other regions.

Since its inception in 1916, originally known as the “South American Championship,” the Copa America has been a cornerstone of soccer tradition, witnessing evolution in its format and scope. 

Typically held every four years, though exceptions have occurred, such as the Centenario Copa America in 2016, which marked a milestone anniversary and welcomed teams from both CONMEBOL and CONCACAF.

Structured with group stages leading to knockout rounds and culminating in a thrilling final, the Copa America has seen legendary displays from iconic players, captivating audiences with its passion and skill. 

Recent editions have expanded the tournament’s footprint, with hosting duties shared among South American nations and beyond.

Throughout its history, the Copa America has symbolized the essence of South American soccer, showcasing the talent and fervor that define the sport in the region. 

As it continues to evolve, the tournament remains a cherished spectacle, uniting fans in celebration of the beautiful game.

Copa America games being staged in Las Vegas

June 26: Copa America – Ecuador vs Jamaica

June 28: Copa America – Paraguay vs Brazil

July 6: Copa America – Quarter-finals (1C vs 2D)

Adam Nash
Adam Nash
Adam is a sports journalism student at Leeds Trinity University. He is a Chelsea fan who likes football, darts, tennis and boxing.

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