LAS VEGAS GAMBLING: Downtown Grand casino guide

There is no question that Downtown Grand and its casino is not among the most famous properties in Las Vegas. However, it’s right up there in terms of quality. 

Downtown Grand is actually relatively new, particularly in its current guise. It was formerly the Lady Luck until it reopened in 2013 with its new identity.

So, while you can certainly be forgiven for not paying it a visit yet, it’s a casino you should definitely check out.

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Downtown Grand Casino overview

Total gaming space: 24,085 sq. ft

Rewards program: Grand Rewards

Number of Slot and video poker machines:  325+

High Limit slots room: Yes

Table games: Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, variations of poker

Poker Room: No

Sports book: William Hill

Smoking: Yes

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The first thing to understand about the Downtown Grand casino is that it is one of those not on the Fremont Street Experience.

That does result in smaller footfall and probably contributes to why is is a little less well known. It also, though, contributes to why it is such a brilliant property.

Downtown Grand Las Vegas hotels - Great attached casino

The Fremont Street Experience is certainly close by, though. I don’t want anyone thinking Downtown Grand casino is completely off the beaten track somewhere. It is located literally just a minute’s walk from the centre of the Downtown action.

Gambling at Downtown Grand casino

The Downtown Grand casino is one of the smaller ones, although that is definitely part of its charm.

It is actually one of the few casinos that has big clear windows to the outside too. Most Las Vegas casinos tend to discourage things like patrons being allowed to remember there is an outside world, but Downtown Grand bucks that trend.

That, combined with high ceilings, creates an unusually light and bright ambiance for a Las Vegas casino. It is a genuinely nice place to be. Nicer than most, in my opinion.

The relatively small space does mean comparatively few slot machines. That, though, is another choice they have made to enhance the user experience. They don’t cram as many machines in as possible at the expense of guest comfort, which they could do. In fact, it feels like one of the most spacious, even though it is one of the smallest. That really is to its immense credit.

Windows are not the only Las Vegas casino trend that Downtown Grand has bucked, either. It’s incredibly tough to find $5 Blackjack nowadays. Downtown Grand have $1 Blackjack.

They continue that policy of being perhaps the most welcoming casino in Las Vegas by offering free Craps lessons, too. You can find that elsewhere, though. Other table game classics like Roulette, Thee Card Poker, and Texas Hold’em are also available.

Sportsbook and drinks service

If you are a fan of sports betting, then Downtown Grand has an excellent William Hill Sportsbook.

There are multiple large screens showing live events and 12 digital boards to keep you up to date with the latest odds.

Comfort won’t be an issue either. The Downtown Grand sportsbook has VIP-style seating and armchairs. If you’re more of a bar stool kind of person, they have those too.

The complimentary drinks service at Downtown Grand is excellent too. You never wait long for a drink. In fact, you rarely have time to finish one before you’re offered another.

Rewards club

Downtown Grand casino has its own rewards club. They called it, perhaps unimaginatively, Grand Rewards.

It is not linked to any other properties, so bear that in mind. However, the upside of that is they look after you once you’re in it.

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Michael Graham
Michael Graham
Michael Graham is a journalist with more than a decade of industry experience. He has a love for all things Las Vegas.

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