How to get a free room in Las Vegas hotels

One of the things that we get asked a lot is how to get free rooms in Las Vegas hotels. The answer is that it is easier than you think, but it might take longer than you hoped.

For me, one of the biggest myths and misconceptions about Las Vegas is that it is an expensive place to visit. The truth is, it is not. Well, at least is doesn’t have to be.

I visit Vegas from the UK at least two or three times a year, even with the current flight prices. It’s not because my income is above average either. Far from it, in fact.

Las Vegas hotels want to give away free rooms

It may feel counter-intuitive, but the reality is that Las Vegas hotels actually want to give you free rooms.

Las Vegas was built for one reason alone – gambling. Las Vegas was designed to entice men building The Hoover Dam to gamble away their wages every week. Obviously, a lot has changed since then, but not as much as you’d think.

The first key thing to remember is that these places are not hotels with casinos attached. They are casinos with hotels attached.

Those rooms were put there to be filled with gamblers. Even in 2022, that is their purpose.

How do I get a free room in Las Vegas?

As mentioned above, the simple answer is to spend money. Just like Las Vegas of old, if you have money in your pocket, the city wants to relieve you of it. They are just happy to give you a great time in exchange for it.

What I do need to stress here, though, is that if you are a first-time vacationer to Las Vegas you are not going to get a free hotel room. It is important to curb expectations there.

The first time I went it was much like any other vacation. I went to a travel agent, told them I wanted to go Las Vegas, and they sold me a package. A large part of that package was for the hotel stay.

In fact, the second time I went was a very similar process. That is because on my first visit I made a big mistake: I didn’t sign up for Rewards Clubs.

If you’re a first-time visitor to Las Vegas, I would advise you to resist booking package deals. Book your flight yourself and your room directly with the resort website.

Once you arrive, make sure you sign up for the property’s Rewards Club. Present that card when you check out and you will earn a lot of tier points on the booking, and Rewards Cards are the key to comps.

Rewards Clubs and their importance

We have mentioned how important it is to sign up for Rewards Clubs many times before. However, if you want to be a regular visitor to Las Vegas it is vital.

Rewards Clubs are what puts you on the radar of the hotels. If you’re not signed up for them, you won’t get offered free rooms. It is as simple as that.

Las Vegas rewards card MGM - great for free rooms in Las Vegas hotels

Once you have your Rewards Card, you should use it. That might sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how easy it is to forget about it. Trust me, I have done it plenty.

To learn more about Las Vegas Rewards Clubs, you should read our essential guide. However, the basic premise is these: The more you spend, the more tier points you build up. The greater your tier, the more free stuff the hotels will offer you to get you back there.

It’s not all about spend, though. In fact, the exact formulas are well-guarded and, in my experience, factor in more than just a rewards tier. Travel habits appear to play a part too. If you visit Vegas often, hotels deem you more likely to spend. The longer length of time you visit for the better too, it seems. Again, they figure you’re bringing more money with you for two weeks than you would be for two days.

All of these factors go into their algorithm.

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Do I need to gamble to get free rooms?

Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush here. Yes, it helps significantly if you gamble. That is not to say you need to be a high roller to get free rooms in Las Vegas, though.

My gamble level is, frankly, modest. I put a decent amount through the casinos, but not scary amounts by any means.

Las Vegas free rooms - MGM hotels offers

The offers for free rooms and other benefits, such as freeplay and resort credit, are modest too. They are still good offers though, and without them I’d not be able to afford to visit Vegas very often at all.

I also know people who gamble even less than I do and they get comparable offers. That tends to be because they spend more on meals and nightlife. Basically, if you’re showing Las Vegas you have money to spend, Las Vegas wants you to visit.

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The myVEGAS method

I mentioned before that if you’re a first-time visitor to Las Vegas, you are not going to get a free room. That is not entirely true. There is a way.

myVegas free hotels room offer - Las Vegas

MGM have a partnership with a series of connected apps from myVEGAS. They are apps that you can play for free. You don’t win money, though – you win offers.

The more you play, the more reward points you earn within the app and you can then exchange those for one or two complimentary nights at an MGM hotel.

It can be time consuming, and you may occasionally find yourself pulled into spending a little along the way. However, it will get you free rooms in Las Vegas pretty quickly. I have used myVegas for a long time and overall I feel you make big savings on your Las Vegas spend through it.

The apps include myVEGAS Slots, myVEGAS Blackjack, myKONAMI slots, POP! Slots and myVEGAS Bingo.

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Top tips for getting free rooms in Las Vegas

One of the very best things about Las Vegas is the more often you go the cheaper it becomes to return. Obviously the free rooms play a big part in that.

  • Sign up for Rewards Clubs: I really can’t sufficiently express the importance of this. For first time visitors, it’s probably best to pick a property in the MGM Rewards or Caesars Rewards programme. They are the biggest in Las Vegas so the easiest to accumulate points on.
  • Consolidate your spend: I’d never recommend spending your money exclusively within one Rewards Club in Las Vegas. However, if you want to get free rooms it’s smart to try to focus on one at least a little. That goes for eating options as well as casinos in which to gamble.
  • Be patient: If you have a trip to Vegas and are clever with your Rewards Card, chances are you will start to receive offers of free rooms within weeks of your return home. You will have to wait longer for the more exclusive properties, though. For example, my first comp offers in Las Vegas were for Excalibur and Luxor. Now, I’m getting offers for all of the MGM properties.
  • Use the myVEGAS apps: If you don’t want to wait, myVEGAS is a good way to speed up the process.  You will still have to pay resort fees, but it will get you a free room in Las Vegas relatively quickly.
  • Gamble: I know gambling isn’t for everyone. Hotels want rooms filled with gamblers, so your quest for comps will be expedited by at least dabbling in the casinos. Just remember to use your rewards card when you do!

Michael Graham
Michael Graham
Michael Graham is a journalist with more than a decade of industry experience. He has a love for all things Las Vegas.

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