Las Vegas news: Raiders touted as possible destination for Kirk Cousins

The Las Vegas Raiders have been named as a potential landing spot for Atlanta Falcons quarterback Kirk Cousins.

He signed a four year, $180million deal in free agency two months ago after leaving the Minnesota Vikings.

But after the Falcons selected quarterback Michael Penix Jr. with the No.8 pick of the draft, Cousins’ future is already in doubt.

At 24 years old, the first round pick isn’t expected to sit out for the entirety of Cousins’ four-year deal.

ESPN’s Bill Barnwell named the Raiders among the teams that would look to add Cousins next off season.

“The other potential landing spots appear to be with the Raiders, Steelers and Titans, none of whom have a settled quarterback of the future,” Barnwell wrote in his column. “The Giants, Jets, Saints, Seahawks and even the Dolphins could also be in the market for a veteran starter.

“If Cousins plays well in 2024 and both he and the Falcons want to split, there will be a market for him next year. Next time around, Cousins might just want to try to get his new organization to promise it won’t draft a quarterback immediately after acquiring him.”

Speaking to the NFL network following the selection, Cousins’ agent Mike McCarthy said the selection took them by surprise.

“Yes, it was a big surprise,” McCarthy said. “We had no idea this was coming. The truth is the whole league had no idea this was coming.

“We got no heads up. Kirk got a call from the Falcons when they were on the clock. That was the first we heard. It never came up in any conversation.”

The Raiders were expected to select a quarterback in the first round but opted for Brock Bowers.

Should Cousins be replaced next season, the Raiders could make a move for him in the off season, with the hope of selecting a young quarterback to learn under him in the 2025 draft.

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Connor Burgess
Connor Burgess
Freelance Sports Journalist and Sports Journalism (MA) student. Lover of football, NFL and boxing.

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