Las Vegas news: Businesses launch petition to ‘halt Las Vegas Grand Prix’

A bunch of business owners in the Las Vegas Valley have launched a petition calling for the organization of the 2024 Las Vegas Grand Prix to be ‘halted’.

The 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix was beset with issues for Vegas locals, businesses and F1 fans, with Red Bull driver Max Verstappen describing the event as ‘99% show, 1% sport’.

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz’s car suffered severe damage in practice, and fans faced a frustrating wait to see any fast-paced action.

But Las Vegas Grand Prix Chief Executive Officer Renee Wilm has promised a much smoother event in November 2024, saying: “We are not doing what we did last year. It was a nine-month long beatdown, and for that we will be eternally grateful to the residents of Las Vegas for tolerating us. 

“This year, significantly less construction. We will start installing barriers and lighting fixtures. It will be done on a rolling basis, but it won’t be until much later this year, really until sometime in September/October.

“Year one was tough in so many ways, and we want to create an incredible race and incredible fan experience, but also be a better member of this community.

“Good communication. Good community engagement. And we’re really excited about what we have coming forward this year.”

Those quotes have done little to appease local business owners, however, as they claim they were ‘negatively impacted’ by the F1 circus coming to town in Sin City.

Wilm has claimed the Las Vegas Grand Prix generated $1.2billion for the Valley – but Randy Markin, the owner of Battista’s Restaurant and Stage Door Casino, told Fox5: “We know many more people were negatively impacted by the F1 race in 2023.

“Uber drivers, casino employees, and other business owners up and down the Las Vegas Strip were negatively impacted. We firmly believe that we need public input on this event that proved to be devastating to my business and others.”

The petition to halt planning for the 2024 race, which is scheduled to take place across the weekend of November 21-23, read: “We, the undersigned residents and concerned citizens of Las Vegas, hereby petition the local authorities to halt the organization and execution of the proposed Las Vegas Grand Prix 2024 scheduled to take place in our city on November 21-23, 2024. 

“Until a fair and undisruptive plan can be made to host this event without closing the Las Vegas Strip, the Clark County Commission should not issue a Special Use Permit or Event Permit.

“Reasons for Petition:

  1. Negative Impact on Local Businesses: Contrary to the purported economic benefits, hosting of the Las Vegas Grand Prix adversely affects small businesses, strip employees, and transportation companies, who face large revenue losses, decreased foot traffic, and general business interruptions, during the event period.”
  2. Traffic Congestion and Disruption: The closing of the Resort Corridor and constructing a bridge at Flamingo and Koval disrupts the normal flow of transportation in our city. This disruption not only inconveniences residents but also poses logistical challenges for tourists, employees, and public transportation, and forcing businesses to incur revenue losses.
  3. Community Input and Transparency: The decision to host such a large-scale event should involve transparent communication and active participation from the community. However, the lack of meaningful consultation with residents and stakeholders raises concerns about accountability and the democratic process.

“In conclusion, we urge the authorities to heed our concerns and take immediate action to halt the organization of the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Our city’s well-being and the interests of its residents must always come first.”

Begas Vaby Writer
Begas Vaby Writer
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