Begas Vaby Las Vegas Podcast – Episode 9: “IT’S NOT A POT GAME!!”

The Begas Vaby Las Vegas podcast is back by popular demand. And believe it or not, that’s actually the truth!

Thank you to everyone for all the love and support they have shown for the podcast during the break. We have had so many people asking when it will return and here it is!

So, join us again for some more light-hearted bickering as we discuss everything Las Vegasy.

There’ll be the usual mix of Las Vegas news, yet another casino sound effect to wind Lynsey up and a brief rundown of our upcoming trip.

The big debate this week is over Las Vegas resort fees. Yes, they’re a necessary evil of staying in Sin City but are they a con or are they good business sense? Michael and Lynsey disagree – cue more bickering than normal Begas Vaby style.

And finally, what casino slots do you want more of and which ones do you want less of? Is there a slot trend that you love or hate? Plus, find out of Little Shop of Horrors is a pot game (clue: It’s not)

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Lynsey Thompson
Lynsey Thompson
Lynsey Thompson is a UK journalist with a passion for all things Las Vegas and one half of the popular Las Vegas YouTube channel and Podcast Begas Vaby. A regular visitor to Las Vegas for the past decade, Lynsey has written gambling and iGaming content professionally for a number of years, as well as gambling news content.

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